Welcome to our Sciene Notebook Wiki! We LOVE science class and want to share our findings among our friends and famaily. Please check daily/weekly as new explorations are taking place. Everyday we have a scientist that will type what our focus question was and what they learned from their observations. Students are also encouraged to think of future questions to expand their thinking. Please feel free to post guiding questions for us as we begin to explore the World of Science!

Q: Question P: Prediction O: Observation D: Drawing R: Reflection E: Extension questioN


Q: why does a catarpillier molt?

Q:do other animals molt?

O:his cresls is green.It has dots on it.

R:I leraned that when it makes a cresls its head does not fall of.

E:do catarpillier see like us?

frogs lay their eggs on wet places. frogs do not hunt for their food. their big eyes are on top of their head so they can see all the way around. love sarahh

Great job doing some outside research Sarah! Where did you find your frog information? -Miss. Hanlon


Q: What signs does the caterpillar give to show they are changing?

O:Today I saw that my caterpillar has a little crack in its chrisalis.But at first he was doing nothing.

R: I learned that caterpillars stay in there chrisalis for about 3/4 weeks.in Because my caterpillar has been in its chrisalis for now 2 weeks.

E: Why do caterpillars spin webs?

8/31 - I used google.

9/1- What other animals have life cycles that we could study? We already studied the human, butterfly, and frog life cycle! - Miss. Hanlon


Q: Why do larvas stay in the pupa stage for a few days?
P: because it takes some time to grow.
O: My catrpillre is in the pfilein. She is not moveing. One of them came out.
R:Today Ieared that when they come out inke falls.
E:Will my catrpilr come out at satindr?

Here is a life cacll of us. Frst we are a baby. Then we are a kid. Then we are a teen najre. Then we are a adolt!
from Hailey.

This is the life cycle of a frog: a frog starts out as an egg. Then it turns into a tadpole. Then it looses it's tail. Grows it's front legs. And then turns into a frog and hops out of the water. -- Luis

this is a life cycle of a houes first the baby houes . finally the mommy houe. then she has a baby houes. that is the houes life cycle.
external image bellfrog_illus.jpg

Q: Why are butterfies important to have in our communit?
O:I see that crawly is about to come out of his pupa.
R:Today I learned that some pupa are about to come out. I now I learned because I saw it.
E:I still wonder if my pupa is going to come out on sunday.

Q: What is the different between a regular painted lady and another painted lady?
P: I think that it has a different life and it might have to struggle through difficulties and if it's chryssalis falls it might not have a full wing.
O: The real difference is that some can have one wing, some can have four and some cannot make it.
R: Today I learned that sometimes butterflies do not always look the same or they just do not have the same life or they have to go through difficulties -- just like humans! I know I learned it because I have seen ones with one wing or with 4 wings and with 3 wings.

Luis, I like how you are thinking about other types of butterflies. Scientists are always thinking about what they already know and learning new information to help expand their overall understanding! You have done exactly what a scientist does...combining what you've learned about our class butterflies and trying to learn new information about other kinds of butterflies! Keep up the 9/11/09-Hailey
This is a life cuckly of a frog.Fist they are a egg.Then a tadpoll.Then they gets there frut legs.Then it gets its back legs.Then it is a adut!‚Äč